Apple Watch Series 6: 44mm


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1.78 inch display
Apple S6 processor
32GB Internal Storage
Bluetooth 5
NonRemovable battery


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Apple Watch 6 44mm detailed description

Apple Watch 6.

Apple released two watches this year. Apple Watch 6 and a cheaper Apple Watch that is known as Apple Watch SE. Like iPhone SE, the cheaper model is meant for those who can’t afford Apple Watch 6. Like its predecessors, Apple Watch 6 is currently the best smartwatch you can get.

Retina OLED Display.

Apple does not cut corners when it comes to hardware. With the Retina OLED Display in Apple Watch 6, you have one of the best displays you can get in any device. The display also has ‘Always on Display’ that always shows you what’s going on eliminating the need of touching the display to view things.

Monitors Blood Oxygen Level.

Apple Watch 6 comes with a unique sensor that can detect the oxygen levels in your blood. The sensor acts by shining light into your skin to detect the oxygen levels. The more oxygen in the blood, the healthier you’re. With the data transmitted to an app, you can accurately tell if you are healthy or not.

Detects Heartbeat.

Like the previous models, Apple Watch 6 comes with a heart sensor that detects your heartbeat. The sensor transmits the data to an ECG App that deciphers it. In case you have any complication, you will get an early notofication thanks to your ECG machine which is Apple Watch 6. This also saves you th time and expanse of visiting a medical centre to get regular checkups.

Sleep Detection.

Sleep is important when it comes to good health. Without enough sleep, you’re tired, lack concentration, and are stressed. Apple Watch 6 monitors your sleep cycle. By monitoring your sleep cycle, you can have a schedule that ensures you get good sleep so that you are productive during the day.

Tracks your exercise.

It can be hard keeping track of your exercise activities. You may even get lazy and skip some workouts. With Apple Watch 6 monitoring your workout, you have a device that will not only keep you honest but motivate you since you get to see how you progress. ANd to help to motivate you more, Apple Watch 6 lets you connect your workout activity without of your friends so that you each get to push each other to stay healthy.

Listen to content.

Apple Watch 6 lets you stream music direct from Apple Music store. No longer will you be required to have your iPhone or iPad when you want to listen to music. Now you can listen to your music anywhere by using your Apple Watch Series 6.


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