Apple Watch Series 6: 40mm

1.78 inch display
Apple S6 processor
32GB Internal Storage
Bluetooth 5
NonRemovable battery


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Apple Watch 6 40mm detailed description

Apple Watch 6.

Apple Watch 6 is the latest watch from Apple. It is one of the two Apple Watches released by Apple this year. Apple Watch 6 is the top tier model with Apple Watch SE the cheaper Apple Watch intended for the entry-level market.

Retina OLED Display.

Apple Watch 6 comes with a Retina OLED display. This is one of the best displays you can find on any device. It delivers true-to-life vibrant colors as they naturally appear in nature. And with an ‘Always on Display,’ you get to see your notifications without touching the screen.

Monitors Blood Oxygen Level.

Like the previous models, Apple Watch 6 comes with an improved health system. It comes with a one of a kind sensor that combines with an app to accurately measure your blood oxygen level. By monitoring your oxygen level, the watch can determine your overall health by determining the amount of oxygen your body is currently absorbing.

Detects Heartbeat.

Apple Watch 6 can also measure your heart rate. The watch works with electrodes to detect your heartbeat with the information then conveyed to an ECG App. By having to check your ECG App, you are always be appraised of your health condition without troubling the medics.

Sleep Detection.

Apple Watch 6 monitors your sleep cycle. Sleep is important for good health since sleep is the way the body rests and resets for another day. By having a good sleep cycle, you are rejuvenated and active the whole day. A bad sleep cycle of the other hand leads to a stressful day filled with body tiredness and low concentration levels. By monitoring your sleep cycle, Apple Watch 6 lets you establish a routine that will let you sleep comfortably so that you are always alert.

Tracks your exercise.

Being fit is important for good health. Apple Watch 6 monitors your workout activities and provides important feedback. By seeing your workout results, you get motivated since you have actual data of what you’re doing. No matter the exercise you prefer, Apple Watch 6 has you covered by providing real-time data as your workout. You can also link up with your friends and compete on seven-day challenges.

Listen to content.

With Apple Watch 6, you don’t have to use your phone to listen to content when on the go. Apple Watch 6 lets you listen to your favorite music and podcasts.


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